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About web page

What is this page about?

The purpose of these questions and answers is to describe in simple words the basic terms that must be observed when navigating the wadata page. For the full terms of use visit the corresponding section in the footer.

What will I find on the wadata website?

General information about how the platform works, the collaborating companies and continuous updates for the network of companies that we host on the platform.

What is really wadata?

Wadata is an online marketplace that connects consumers and members of loyalty programs with retail companies.

Our vision is to enhance consumer purchasing power and the loyalty experience that companies offer their members by creating a digital wallet.

About the application

How can I become a wadata member?

Navigate to https://app.wadata.io/en/preregister/. During the registration you win your first 100 wadata coins to get the coupon that you want immediately!

How do I win?

With wadata you always win!

Whether you are a member of a reward scheme or not you can win wadata coins and buy the coupons you want in your favourite e-shops and physical stores.

If you are a member of a reward program then you simply link it to your wadata account, transfer the points and convert them into wadata coins. If you are not a member then you win more coins by shopping in our network inviting friends to the app, taking actions online (sharing, posting κτλ) and much more!

What can I find in the application?

Wadata is an online marketplace that connects consumers and members of loyalty programs with retail companies.

In the application you will find large companies with reward programs, eshops and local stores that offer coupons with products and more!

Do I win more for recommending wadata to friends?

Of course! We want to grow our community and the companies that participate in the wadata marketplace.

For every friend you invite you earn wadata coins that you can use directly to buy a coupon.

Is my wadata account unique?

Yes. To create it, you give your email and mobile phone number.

However, you can create another account, but it is best to have a single that you will enjoy the benefits of the platform as a whole

How do I create my digital wallet?

Your digital wallet consists of digital currencies (wadata coins).

To earn them you can convert points, purchase from companies of our network, invite friends to the application, exchange points with friends and do various social actions eg posting, sharing

How do I use my loyalty points from various loyalty programs?

You connect the loyalty scheme, where you are a member, with wadata and you automatically have the ability to convert as many points as you want into wadata coins.

How do I send loyalty points to friends?

If you are both members of the same reward scheme then you simply transfer points to your friend by selecting him from the friends list.

What is wadata coin;

It is your digital currency. With wadata coins you can buy coupons either for eshops or for physical stores.

How do I earn more digital wadata coins?

In addition to converting points into wadata coins and buying from businesses in our network, you earn more with various actions such as registration, inviting a friend, completing questionnaires and profiles and much more!

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How many discount coupons can I get?


As long as you connect rewards programs you earn more and more wadata coins for coupon purchases!

Is there a charge for using the app?

The application is available completely free of charge.

In the future there will be special coupons with more premium discounts and benefits where to discover them you must be a subscriber.

Why are you asking my profile data?

To offer you a better user experience!

Based on your preferences, you will be informed about vouchers that match your profile.

Can I donate points to a non-profit organization?

Of course!

At wadata we have a particularly developed sense of social responsibility and we host various NGOs on our platform. You can donate as many points as you want, as long as you have first attached at least one reward scheme to your account.

Ofcourse you can always donate wadata coins!

Can I only use the discount coupons online?

No. Most coupons are available both online and in a physical store.

What messages / emails will you send me?

Our promise is that there will be no unnecessary communication on our part. The messages / emails you will receive will concern either updates about your account or new companies that enter wadata and you can benefit!

Do you give my personal data somewhere?

The data you enter in the application remain in the exclusive property of wadata and are not transferable.

You can see in more detail the terms of use during registration.

Become a member for free!

In just 5 minutes you can connect your programs and use the points in other companies.


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