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Super guide, why choose Wadata to promote your business?

Why is Wadata Marketplace a different way of promoting your business? When you face that demanding decision, what can I do to bring more people to my e-shop, and what […]

Bank Loyalty Programs vs Wadata

Why is Wadata Marketplace a different way of promoting your business? Nowadays customers are becoming more conscious of service quality.  They might attach to a friendly service for the time […]

Instagram Influencers vs Wadata

Why is Wadata Marketplace a different way of promoting your business? Because through Wadata, you can Reach Your Target Audience exactly when they are ready to make a purchase and […]

Skroutz / best price vs Wadata

Why is Wadata Marketplace a different way of promoting your business? Because through Wadata you can satisfy your customers in the most prominent way as they can compare the prices […]

Efood vs Wadata

Why is Wadata Marketplace a different way of promoting your business? Because it can ensure more visits to both the e-shop and your physical store and even more phone calls […]

Google AdWords vs Wadata

Why is Wadata Marketplace a different way of promoting your business? Because it can ensure more visits to the e-shop, even more, phone calls and orders, but also more traffic […]

How to increase the sales of my e-shop?

Online e-shops have been steadily rising for years. This rapid shift has directly impacted consumer behavior, creating a demand for convenience, personalization, and alternatives when shopping online. Additionally, the pandemic […]

Loyalty cards, with wadata you have your new digital card for the online or physical store!

Almost any kind of business goal is to generate loyal customers that keep coming back. One way to do that is with an innovative customer loyalty program. The challenge Keeping […]

What is affiliate marketing and how does wadata give you a new way of earning?

What exactly is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing definition Affiliate marketing is a model of advertising in which the brand pays other publishers ( bloggers, websites) to advertise their products and […]

Super guide to make your eshop boost revenue by introducing a digital loyalty program!

Do you want to attract customers to your e-shop but not spend your entire budget and make the visitors stay and be loyal to your brand? You do not have […]

Super guide to make your loyalty members happy with more redemption options

Do you want to create an innovative loyalty scheme with the most satisfied customers who will be ambassadors of your brand at the same time? Loyalty programs are one of […]

Discount vouchers. Discover wadata!

The holiday shopping season is almost here, and this indicates it’s also that the discount season is about to start. But, did you know that:  Nearly 93% of Shoppers use […]

How to reduce cart drop out with wadata?

Shopping cart drop is a real problem for every e-shop. Visitors come to your webshop, add several products to the shopping cart, and then suddenly they leave, dropping their shopping […]

Loyalty programs: How to create an innovative loyalty program?

Loyalty programs are definitely one of the most effective tactics for increasing revenue and encouraging customer loyalty. We also know that it costs a lot less to sell to return […]

How to offer rewards (vouchers) without having a loyalty program and track your customers!

In today’s world, more than ever, businesses realize the value of their existing customer base as the key to sustaining their business. They create, update and redesign loyalty programs more […]

Are you tired of advertising on platforms with transaction fees?

There are many alternatives to marketing tactics of earning a commission to promote another company’s product or service online. The most common is affiliate marketing, in which the merchant pays […]

Coalition loyalty. Why wadata marketplace is the solution? 

Firstly, let’s explore what we mean by saying coalition loyalty scheme. The participation of multiple brands is critical for the success of such a strategy. Brands come together to agree […]

How can I earn more from my membership to a loyalty program?

You may often question yourself, what do I earn more from my membership to loyalty programs? The answer is you can save money. You can save a lot of money. […]

Explore new ways to get customers to your e-shop

After the launch of eBay, which was the first company to use the marketplace model 22 years ago, it still runs pretty well.  So we can have some conclusions for […]

How to increase footfall with low-cost actions

Let’s understand the importance of footfall. With footfall or foot traffic, we can measure how many people visit our physical store. It’s helpful to understand market trends and determine the […]

How to add members to loyalty scheme with low Customer Acquisition Cost

To scale effectively, you need to invest in acquisition, to find new customers proactively and consistently, as loyal customers cannot make your business grow. So, how can you make customer […]

How to build a successful E-shop loyalty program?

Companies continue adding loyalty programs to improve customer retention, and there’s a good reason for doing that. The average number of loyalty programs a consumer is subscribed to has grown […]

How to improve customer experience in my loyalty program?

Hello marketers! You should keep in mind that monetary rewards are not the only drivers of customer loyalty programs. Customer experience provides more significant long-term benefits, and Loyalty programs are […]

Τop strategies to reduce point liability in a loyalty program

You can minimize the liability of a loyalty rewards program when the redemption rates are low. However, if the redemption rates are low, it also means that customers are not […]

How can I increase my spending budget?

Typically, consumers spend more when they belong to a loyalty program. But consuming more doesn’t mean that you actually pay more money. Loyalty members purchase more often and spend more […]


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