Efood vs Wadata

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Efood vs Wadata

Why is Wadata Marketplace a different way of promoting your business?

Because it can ensure more visits to both the e-shop and your physical store and even more phone calls and orders but ultimately ensures satisfied customers who return.

What does efood promise you? Happy customers, more orders and less time on the phones, but with Wadata you have much more.

Why Wadata help you increase orders more than efood

To increase the orders through the efood platform, you need to have the appropriate equipment and active cooperation with the efood company. It may sound easy but all you achieve above are delivery orders.

At Wadata, all you need is an attractive offer or discount for your store visitors and your entry into the app. So in addition to delivery orders, you can get more customers in your eshop who are already active in the Wadata Marketplace community and are returning for purchases. Discover all the offers here, register and start selling. And the best; is free to try for yourself how well it works for your business.

Why does Wadata help you get more completed orders from efood?

With efood it is not a given that you can boost your complete purchases and, therefore, your online sales on your site. The goal of your buyers when they are ordering is the excellent value for money you offer and the convenience to receive the order. They will rarely return to learn more about your business and what you offer.

At Wadata, all you need is an attractive offer, and you have uploaded your discounts or coupons online to boost your conversions. This way, you can reach many visitors, active buyers who are customers of the Wadata network, and potentially your buyers. Apply and enter the network with the largest group of loyal buyers.

Why Wadata helps you have more happy customers than efood

To attract more customers within the efood platform you will need enough time to optimize your position with the help of efood experts and finally to have orders with good ratings. So it may seem simple and fast but it is not so.

On the other hand in Wadata, all you need to do is join the Marketplace network, so all app users can easily and quickly see your online store and your physical store, exactly where you are and how long they want to get to the store to do their shopping.

You have an extra buyer channel. Not only that, but you have access to a dynamic group of buyers outside of your eshop buyers. Network customers and your customers have the opportunity to participate in a vast network of offers that interest them, and that is how you ensure that they are satisfied when they reach you.

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