Loyalty cards, with wadata you have your new digital card for the online or physical store!

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Loyalty cards, with wadata you have your new digital card for the online or physical store!

Almost any kind of business goal is to generate loyal customers that keep coming back. One way to do that is with an innovative customer loyalty program.

The challenge

Keeping your existing customers active and happy is a challenging task in today’s world. In recent years, customer loyalty programs have changed drastically, going digital, getting more effective, and offering unique experiences.

With the improvements in user experience, it is essential to ensure that every stage of the loyalty program is as seamless as possible. People’s attention spans have dwindled. Any unnecessary obstacles could make users lose tolerance and abandon their actions. Having a harrowing experience with your loyalty promotion could also leave consumers with an unpleasant impression, and it isn’t easy to inspire users to give second chances. 

Get the ultimate shopping experience 

Useful Insights 

Just to give you some more insights on the relationship that customers need with your loyalty program, we learned from CodeBroker that:

  • 37% of loyalty program members prefer accessing loyalty program information via a periodic text message, 28% said a mobile app, 19% prefer desktop/laptop via website 

Giving your consumers a seamless experience will reward your online and offline shop with increased program participation, and your customers will have a more favorable opinion of your brand. 

The essential benefits that having a unified digital loyalty card 

We have gathered the essential benefits that having a unified loyalty card like Wadata Marketplace offers 

  1. Improving Personalized Experiences for customers– Unlike Plastic Loyalty Cards that take space in your wallet, digital loyalty cards are connected to mobile apps boosting convenience and creating a seamless experience. Another benefit of digital loyalty cards is collecting user data on individual user subscriptions. This makes the entire process seamless and coherent and keeps track of vital user data.
  2. Tailored Rewards and Services– The most important thing that brands have gained from the digitization of loyalty cards is the answers to many questions that would have been unanswered if we were still stuck with traditional loyalty cards regarding purchasing behavior, shopping choices or experiences etc. These details are incredibly crucial to brands for tailoring rewards and product offerings to meet customer demand as precisely as possible.
  3. Smart reminders to keep your customers updated and active Smartphones are always in the hand of human beings. Digitized loyalty programs taking full advantage of the situation can keep the brand name in the back of the customer’s mind to draw maximum sales.
  4. Direct communication motivating feedback– Another key benefit from new era loyalty cards is the ability to connect directly without waiting. Technology has created instant solutions to such problems. With digitized loyalty cards, customers can enjoy instant reciprocation’s perks that make them feel valued and vital. When a brand acts on customers’ demands immediately, this reflects their passion and dedication to serving the customers, amplifying the brand image.

Why choose Wadata? What is the Wadata Marketplace?

It’s the new digital wallet, where everyone who is a member wins privileges and gifts.

Wadata is an online marketplace that connects consumers and members of loyalty programs with retail companies. 

The main goal of Wadata is to enhance your purchasing power with offers, coupons, and vouchers that meet your needs. And you can invite your friends to become members too, send them wadata coins and suggest to us even more companies that you like and of course, have loyalty to add them.

We change the rules of rewards programs as we are used to today and create a digital rewards program portfolio that allows members to integrate, transfer and exchange points between programs and friends easily and quickly with a single click.

In all cases, the platform user converts his points or purchases into digital wadata coins that he can “exchange” with premium vouchers where he wants!

No more points from loyalty programs are lost and used where it has value for you.

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