Unique beauty offers in Estee Lauder, Clinique Bonus, Mac Lover Club, Club de Beaute, Club Sephora, The Body Shop, Dust & Cream.

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Unique beauty offers in Estee Lauder, Clinique Bonus, Mac Lover Club, Club de Beaute, Club Sephora, The Body Shop, Dust & Cream.

They say that beauty comes from within us but we can help you a little more with the most privileged loyalty programs that we have included in the marketplace of Wadata!

Whatever you are looking for to feel more beautiful, from make-up products such as make-up, mascara, eyeliner, eyelashes or products for contouring and glosses or products for your body, from hydration to the treatment of cellulite, we have thought of everything.

Live the ultimate experience and make your own beauty ritual while earning wadata coins in every market if you shop through us.

It is simple:

    1. Enter the wadata
    2. Choose the store you want and buy online
    3. For every euro of purchase, we give you back wadata coins to use wherever and however you want in cooperating companies!

Now you can buy from a store with cosmetic products and cash in on gyms, cafes, pet shops, bookstores, clothing stores, hotels, and wherever you want!

Find all the offers of the loyalty programs of Estee Lauder (EL Privileges Club), Clinique Bonus, MAC Lover Club, Club de Beaute (Galerie de Beaute), Club Sephora, The body shop, Dust & Cream, and make your purchases in thousands of products cheaper.

Discount coupons, offers, extraordinary prices and much more are waiting for you as long as you buy through wadata, your new digital wallet!

Why choose Wadata? What is the Wadata Marketplace?

It’s your digital wallet, where everyone who is a member wins privileges and gifts.

Wadata is an online marketplace that connects consumers and members of loyalty programs with retail companies. The main goal of Wadata is to enhance your purchasing power with offers, coupons, and vouchers that meet your needs. And you can invite your friends to become members too, send them wadata coins and suggest to us even more companies that you like and of course, have loyalty to add them.

We change the rules of rewards programs as we are used to today and create a digital rewards program portfolio that allows members to integrate, transfer and exchange points between programs and friends easily and quickly with a single click.

In all cases, the platform user converts his points or purchases into digital wadata coins that he can “exchange” with premium vouchers where he really wants!

No more points from loyalty programs are lost and used where it really has value for you.

What can you earn if you subscribe to Wadata Marketplace?

See offers of 10% discount, special 1 + 1 coupons, and discount codes for your favorite products or services.
* Terms and conditions apply.

Subscribe here and discover all the offers!


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