Why a bike? You can earn more!

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Why a bike? You can earn more!

With wadata coins! For those who care about the environment and want the best for your everyday life, you can now change your lifestyle through the alternative transportation modes provided in the Wadata Marketplace network.

First for your good and of course protecting the environment!

Whether you choose an electric bike or an electric scooter, the only sure thing is that you will become part of a constantly evolving community as micro-mobility is not just the future of a more sustainable city. It is the future of the town that we live in. It is a city-friendly to people, a city that breathes and we breathe it.

E-bike or e-scooter?

Whatever you prefer, you enjoy free technical support, safety, and vehicle replacement if something goes wrong!

There are no more traffic jams and the anxiety that you will never reach your destination on time due to endless traffic. And the best part is that you earn even more:

  1. You save time, at least 20 minutes if we assume that you have to go somewhere where the distance is over 8 km every day. While you no longer care about parking.
  2. You save money as you no longer have to maintain an expensive car, petrol, diesel, service insurance, and road tax.
  3. You save on fun as this money you save can be spent for your pleasure with your friends or alone, and why not in even more Wadata offers.
  4. You gain physical condition since you move and exercise at the same time!

And if all of the above have started to ‘trigger’ you, then knowing Kineo and its offers for electric transportation through the Wadata network, you will have by now already started looking for your new means of transportation.

Why choose Wadata? What is the Wadata Marketplace?

It’s your digital wallet, where everyone who is a member wins privileges and gifts.

Wadata is an online marketplace that connects consumers and members of loyalty programs with retail companies. The main goal of Wadata is to enhance your purchasing power with offers, coupons, and vouchers that meet your needs. And you can invite your friends to become members too, send them wadata coins and suggest to us even more companies that you like and of course have loyalty to add them.

We change the rules of rewards programs as we are used to today and create a digital rewards program portfolio that allows members to integrate, transfer and exchange points between programs and friends easily and quickly with a single click.

In all cases, the platform user converts his points or purchases into digital wadata coins that he can “exchange” with premium vouchers where he really wants!

No more points from loyalty programs are lost and used where it really has value for you.

What can you earn if you shop at Kineo through the Wadata Marketplace?

See offers of 10% discount, special 1 + 1 coupons, and discount codes for your favorite products.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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