Super guide to make your eshop boost revenue by introducing a digital loyalty program!

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Super guide to make your eshop boost revenue by introducing a digital loyalty program!

Do you want to attract customers to your e-shop but not spend your entire budget and make the visitors stay and be loyal to your brand?

You do not have to work hard to succeed. You only need to have the right tools.

After the creation of eBay, the first company that used the marketplace model 22 years ago, this model still works well enough.

Imagine now that the idea can be extended to purchase models in offerings beyond products such as loyalty programs or coupons. There is no better way than offering a wide range of redemption options that are not limited to your business but also to understand your customers’ overall behavior in the e-shop?

Through the wadata solution “customer engagement marketplace” you can bring to your e-shop even more members from our community!

The Wadata marketplace allows its members to redeem points in different businesses, exchange them among members, and learn about new rewards programs by becoming a member.

Being part of such a market can benefit your e-commerce business in many ways. Let’s see how.

1.A high-traffic channel.

Through the marketplace, you connect to an existing traffic engine instead of striving to find customers yourself.

Acquisition of new customers

One of the most important advantages of being part of an existing market is that it already has an established user base.

2.You owe Reliability

People tend to shop from well-known marketplaces because they are safer than other smaller online stores.

See in detail all the ways how you can attract new customers here.

In this way, you will effectively deal with the number 1 problem that e-shops face today.

The cart abandonment!

Reducing total purchases is a real problem for any online store. People come to your online store, add many products to their shopping cart and then suddenly leave, leaving their shopping cart.

This can happen with almost any e-commerce store, but let’s look at the main reasons behind it and how you can tackle this issue by adding a loyalty program.

56% of users leave their carts due to unexpected costs
37% left because they were just browsing
36% find another offer better
25% did not buy because navigation was very difficult
21% believe that the market integration process is too long
17% were unsure of their internet safety
Discover here 5 + 1 ways that will help you reduce the abandonment rate of the shopping cart.

If you want to boost your e-shop traffic, you need to give your customers the right rewards at the right time.

They are not all the rewards for everyone and indeed not every moment is right for compensation, offer or discount communication.

It is better not to give massive rewards but to think about the usefulness of the coupons to suit your customers in the best way.

Wadata Marketplace helps you offer coupons to your customers that meet their needs as it includes redemption options in a wide variety of coupons.

You will have the opportunity to make the necessary reward for each campaign and customer. You can choose between discount coupons, cash discounts, product / service offers, free products or points.

Also why not surprise your customers by offering a different reward each time?

You can choose any coupon that can be redeemed at the store, online or both. Even in-store coupons can integrate online and mobile elements.

Make your customers smile with personalized coupons that are relevant to their needs and are easy to redeem. Coupons can even be automatically added to customers’ accounts to appear “magically” at the payment stage – whether it’s in-store or in-store.

And if you are still wondering, see here the benefits you can achieve by offering coupons in your e-shop.

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