Discount vouchers. Discover wadata!


Discount vouchers. Discover wadata!

The holiday shopping season is almost here, and this indicates it’s also that the discount season is about to start.

But, did you know that: 
  1. Nearly 93% of Shoppers use vouchers or discount codes During the Year

So, the vast majority of consumers are asking for a good deal and everyone appreciates a good deal, right?

  1.   A 50% rise in quantity has the same impact as a 33% discount.

It’s simple enough, but consumers cannot realize this and typically opt to get more instead of paying less. When planning your next discount, consider offering a larger quantity before providing a reduced price.

  1. Offering a Bonus Pack can make you sell up to 73% more.

Studies have shown a 73% increase in the sale of lotion in a value pack. Consumers opted for the larger quantity over the other option, which was a reduced-priced for a reduced amount, but at the exact same price.

  1. Coupons create happiness.

In a study guided by Dr. Paul J. Zak, Neuroeconomics professor at Claremont Graduate University, researchers investigated how coupons impact people’s pleasure, well-being, and anxiety.

They found that coupon recipients who had a $10 voucher felt a 38% rise in oxytocin levels and were 11% more satisfied than those who didn’t receive a voucher. Moreover, their respiration rates dropped significantly, heart rates decreased by 5%, and sweat levels were reportedly twenty times lower than the rest. In the end, they felt more comfortable and less stressed.

So, is there any better option for your customers to find the vouchers they really want in the wadata marketplace and redeem their points in actual offers? Happy customers are loyal customers.

Keep in mind that shoppers still need to delight and joy themselves in receiving an exclusive offer. Often, a celebration is an unexpected coupon from a favorite brand that rarely offers discounts. Sometimes, a welcome delight of a promotional sale in a customer’s inbox is enough to spark an exciting shopping journey.

So, celebrate together with your customers and add wadata marketplace to your marketing plan and you can benefit from:

1. Unified customer profiling

Now you know what your customers buy at your business. With wadata, you will know their 360 shopping behavior that can lead you to critical decisions on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities i.e. wouldn’t it be nice to understand that a customer who buys that kind of shoes in the same time like traveling?

2. Overall revenue boost

Strong brands are frequently adding vouchers to their marketing mix to boost their bottom line. Knowing that your customer base includes shoppers who gladly pay full-price and buyers who eagerly wait for a new deal to appear, smart brands deliver special offers to different segments of your customer list to inspire everyone to complete their next purchase.

3. Cart abandonment decrease

Some buyers feel that a first-time buy discount is a necessity for brands looking to acquire new customers. That’s because 62% of purchasers spend two or more hours weekly searching the web for promotions and deals.

Additionally, 91% of buyers who redeem coupons say they’d revisit the same retailers.

As long as buyers find value in your offerings, coupon clippers may even purchase your products again later at full price.

4. Shoppers repay samples

Sample- or trial-size products cost little or nothing to produce, yet they’re a significant revenue driver for online and offline retailers. Brands offer a risk-free suggestion to consumers who can try something new for free.

The stores that surprise shoppers with their samples earn consumer loyalty and trust and generate successful sales due to human natural desire to return goodwill.

To sum up

Ultimately, the best offers, promotions, and free products strategies help you:

  • Evade bargain hunters who may overuse your customer service resources and never convert into purchasers.
  • Protect your brand’s integrity by limiting the number of coupons customers can use and directing clear of deep discounts.
  • Boost new product trials, repeat buying, and higher average order totals through influences that motivate buyers to add more items to their cart and complete their orders.

Promotions and vouchers can also help your customers feel a connection with your brand. Basically, they may understand that your brand can handle their needs and create offers that customers really want.

Join Wadata today to get all the advantages of offering premium vouchers to your customers. Request a demo.


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