How to reduce cart drop out with wadata?

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How to reduce cart drop out with wadata?

Shopping cart drop is a real problem for every e-shop.

Visitors come to your webshop, add several products to the shopping cart, and then suddenly they leave, dropping their shopping cart.

No worries, you are not alone! This can happen with almost all the eCommerce stores, but let’s see the main reason this happens and how you can address this issue by adding a loyalty scheme.

  • 56% of users leave their carts due to unexpected costs
  • 37% left because they were only browsing
  • 36% find a better deal elsewhere
  • 25% did not purchase because they saw the navigation too tricky
  • 21% think the checkout process is too long
  • 17% were not sure about their security online

How to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate?

  1. Set up CTAs outside of the checkout process where customers will still be motivated to create an account. Sending a follow-up email post-purchase that invites the user to sign up for your loyalty scheme and the user’s benefits by creating an account or registering is an option to keep your customer even after purchase. A guest checkout availability is always a good idea, where the customer can continue with checking out by just giving their email. An email to the user right after with an incentive to track gain even more points if they sign up or extra discounts and offers for signing up.
  2. The payment process should not have any unnecessary clicks. It needs to be simple for the user to see the product they want to order. A simple swipe right to transfer points between the programs is the ultimate solution of Wadata Marketplace for satisfied customers. Consider removing additional steps providing users with this information earlier in the process, during onboarding, or earlier in the conversion funnel. Improve or even reduce the number of checkout fields when taking user information. For example, you can input the zip code first and auto-populate the city and state/province fields. Additionally, in the case of digital product purchases, the customer shipping address fields can be removed, making the process faster.
  3. Technology problems have no real all-inclusive solution, but rectifying the website’s performance so that these errors don’t return is essential to combat checkout abandonment. The technology of the Wadata Marketplace reassures a prompt user experience. Still, you should regularly test the website and monitor analytics to point out issues as they happen and keep your app or website operating smoothly.
  4. You need to provide high-quality security throughout the user journey, especially the payment process. Ensure that the platform is performing well and the protection available is directly addressed to the user so they know they have the essential security to protect their information. It helps to put payment secure stickers at checkout and payment pages, building user confidence to purchase. Regular testing of the website from the homepage to checkout is essential to guarantee that users are self-sufficient, happy, and protected when making purchases. Usually, the load times, site or app speeds, and overall technology performance should instill trust and reliability in customers.
  5. Having as many payment choices as possible is the best way to meet the preferences of every customer. However, payment methods are costly, so you need to focus on providing the most popular methods to solve this problem for most people.
  6. Make the sections for information to input clear, direct, and simple to reduce typos and minor errors. Ensure that credit card chargebacks aren’t occurring on your end by flagging transactions as a fraud when they aren’t. These falsely rejected payments result in one of the largest streams of lost revenue and often go unseen by companies.

The wrap-up

As online shopping cart abandonment is steadily growing and varies between 67.4% and 83.7% depending on the industry and niche, it’s time to follow proper steps. It is necessary to present a seamless online shopping experience to the users and create a fear of missing out to motivate them to complete the transaction.

Explore the wadata marketplace to have increasing returning customers that will become your loyal.


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