How to offer rewards (vouchers) without having a loyalty program and track your customers!


How to offer rewards (vouchers) without having a loyalty program and track your customers!

In today’s world, more than ever, businesses realize the value of their existing customer base as the key to sustaining their business. They create, update and redesign loyalty programs more than ever, but what if your business doesn’t have in the plan to create one?

One key strategy that businesses tend to ignore is giving digital vouchers to their loyal customers. Traditionally, offering coupons or vouchers had a long history of being a popular and effective strategy to acquire and retain customers. Fast-food chains and supermarkets started it, printed in newspapers and magazines, and it is continually evolving. However, vouchers’ virtue today is doubted because it’s seen as an exhaustive method with massive paper wastage, risk of overprinting (or under printing!), and poor trackability. 

Thankfully, with the growth of the digital era, it is easier for any business to send and track vouchers digitally. Whether you are a start-up looking to gain new customers or already have a loyal customer base, giving vouchers is excellent for both acquisition and retention!

But it would be best if you also considered the usability of the vouchers to suit your customers the best way. 

Wadata marketplace helps you offer vouchers to your customers that meet their needs as it includes redeeming options in coupons of a great variety.

Explore the types of vouchers that can be offered in the wadata marketplace

The right rewards at the right time

You’ll have the opportunity to choose the ideal reward for each campaign and customer. Choose between percentage discount vouchers, fiscal discounts, product/service giveaways, free products, or points. Can you even surprise your customers by offering a different reward each time? 

Vouchers that work seamlessly online and offline

You can choose whether each voucher can be redeemed in-store, online or both. We make this feel seamless with connections between online accounts, apps, POS systems, and more. Even in-store vouchers can incorporate online and mobile elements.

Personalized and convenient for a more rewarding experience

Make your customers smile with personalized vouchers relevant to their needs and easy to redeem. Coupons can even be automatically added to customer accounts so they ‘magically’ appear at the payment stage – whether that’s in-store, in-app, or online. Your program will feel refreshingly rewarding and straightforward.

Following these options for vouchers rewarding you will successfully achieve to:

1. Increase revenue

During these times, especially during COVID19 times, people are cautious about purchasing and eliminating them within their financial means. This is where digital vouchers can help your business. 48% of customers buying return to make purchases sooner when given digital coupons, 37% will buy more items than they would do, and 38% end up buying something they don’t need. 

2. Valuable data 

One of the most significant issues with giving printed vouchers manually is that there is no way to track which customers use your voucher. With digital coupons, you can capture critical information like which customers use your vouchers and their preferences. You can review the performance of your activities to evaluate the effectiveness and whether you should repeat it in the future or optimize the given vouchers for other campaigns. This way, you can launch more appropriate and data-backed marketing strategies.

3. Loyalty locked

Eventually, any customer retention strategy aims to keep customers loyal to the business. Suppose you finally decide to incorporate digital coupons as part of your customer loyalty or membership program. In that case, you can offer them at any point of a customer’s journey, from when they subscribe or on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Digital vouchers help you gain customer loyalty, making them stick to your company for many years.


If your loyalty program comes with a mobile app, this can be even more convenient as you make the digital vouchers available in-app, leading to more instant purchases.

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