Loyalty programs: How to create an innovative loyalty program?


Loyalty programs: How to create an innovative loyalty program?

Loyalty programs are definitely one of the most effective tactics for increasing revenue and encouraging customer loyalty.

We also know that it costs a lot less to sell to return customers than acquire new ones—that’s the main reason brands invest in loyalty and rewards programs.

While they can be efficient, customer loyalty programs are nothing novel. They are categorized into four classes: points, tiers, social media, and paid programs. That’s why some retailers are looking to differentiate themselves and find innovative new ways to create loyalty programs and encourage customer loyalty, as their customers are already used to specific programs and are rarely inspired to repeat purchases.

If you want to perform exceptionally, you must add something new into the mix to build customer loyalty. 

Loyalty programs: Why Innovation Matters 

In present-day business, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd.

If you want to establish a strong base of loyal customers that will stick around for a long time, this is the only way you need to follow. That uniqueness will make new customers recall your business.

However, your existing customers will also need to feel that they are a part of something special and build a stronger connection with you as they know you reward customers for their commitment to your brand.

Wadata can help you boost your loyalty initiatives, and although they make your business increase customer value, improve customer retention, help with building customer loyalty, grow customer lifetime value. At the end you will have an effective rewards program integrated, and traffic will come from every possible way.

Wadata is your chance to incorporate a new source into your business, this will happen by

Loyalty programs: Incorporating new Technologies

You should focus on your customer to provide better user experiences.

Today’s consumers use the latest technologies, which play a part in your desirable customer retention rate. Generations Z wants everything at their fingertips with seamless control, and loyalty program software is your best option.

Through the Wadata marketplace, we enable you to implement the latest technologies that you can use for loyalty programs such as mobile wallets. Wadata itself operates as a mobile wallet and can store whole rewards programs, discounts, coupons, loyalty cards, and travel tickets. It puts your loyalty at the fingertips of your customer base and integrates it into their daily routines.

Loyalty programs: Relevant Data you can use.

Knowing your customers is vital when building a new scheme. To innovate, you need to be daring and make forecasts. However, you need to have the correct data to make better predictions. We mentioned AI earlier and machine learning, an excellent place to start.

Loyalty programs: Offer new Experiences and Rewards.

Compensations are always a good idea. However, offering more of the same redeems sometimes feels tedious and unrewarding. You need to provide special rewards through multiple interactions. Remember the experiential rewards we have already discussed in reducing points liability; they work really well for innovation too. 

Loyalty programs: Different Levels of Memberships

Yes, customers need to feel unique. However, you should make it official. People like to show to their peers that they are members of a particular club. Offer different levels of premiums to your returning customers, and your loyalty scheme will have even better results. So you need to keep in mind:

  • First level should be free.
  • Present the benefits of each tier very clear
  • Clearly show customer progress.
  • Provide relevant rewards
  • Make redeeming easy

Something Unique

If you want to be innovative, you need creative community-based programs, referral programs, or any other type of program. 

Positive customer experience is crucial for good customer feedback, and a points program that leads to customer rewards gives people satisfaction and fun.

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