How can I earn more from my membership to a loyalty program?

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How can I earn more from my membership to a loyalty program?

You may often question yourself, what do I earn more from my membership to loyalty programs?

The answer is you can save money. You can save a lot of money.

But you need to use loyalty cards carefully.

Targeted and personalized marketing can often trigger you to overspend, but it can also benefit both the business and the consumer when done well.

Your mission is to paddle through the offers that benefit the business to find win-win offers that also help you.

For example, suppose a supermarket knows your preferred pasta brand thanks to the information collected via a bonuses card and uses that information to send you offers for said pasta; the store makes more sales, and you can stock up and save.

That’s exactly is a win-win situation.

On the other hand, if you are enticed to buy things you don’t need, however, or you pick up a few impulses on the way to the pasta aisle, then you overspend.

This is the main reason you have to be a little bit savvy with loyalty programs to protect your money rather than spend more than you need to.

So what do you need to do?

1. Be Selective to what you are loyal

What are your favorite loyalty programs?

Every brand has a loyalty scheme today. But they are not all relevant or useful to you.

So don’t sign up for every loyalty program available. You may want to have just one place to visit to see offers and discounts from all the loyalty programs you are subscribed to. This is what a loyalty marketplace stands for.

The best loyalty programs are within shops that you already shop with and you don’t need to change your spending habits. You only need to be more careful.

2. Go for programs that offer suitable rewards

For example, some people love Flybuys and use the rewards as Christmas gifts, other people are frequent travelers so they will benefit from frequent flyer points, and it is helpful for them to subscribe to such loyalty.

If your online pharmacy has 15% off each month for VIP members and you are already a buyer of this e-shop, it makes perfect sense to join the program and save on the regular price.

Consider that your objective is to choose rewards programs that you will benefit from.

3. Redeeming point into coins that you can use is better than just having a lot of points

Stores use gaining points to attract you to spend more than you want.

But if you don’t have the need for something in the first place, then it isn’t worth the points!

Some stores offer promotions where you can ‘double your points’, or earn number of extra points if you purchase during the promotion.

And it works. These promotions can raise sales by up to 15-20%.

Moreover, you can use your loyalty points to buy from other loyalty programs without spending any actual euro from your pocket. Wadata marketplace can help you exchange points to coins that you can use in many different types of loyalty programs. 

Find here how.

You should make a loyalty program work for you: if you’re going to make a purchase, use a loyalty card to collect points. But don’t get fooled into ordering things you don’t need or buying stuff at a premium when you can buy them cheaper somewhere else.

4. Avoid impulse buys as much as you can 

Sign up for a loyalty program means that you give your consent to receive promotional emails. It’s ok and useful to Keep track of sales, and special offers but they often influence you to buy anything you don’t need.

If you actually need something, it’s wise to wait for promotions and to use promotional emails to alert you to offers and discounts

But if impulse buying is just too tempting click unsubscribe from emails.

At the same time, make sure you say no to receiving information from third parties.

Whether you connect your loyalty cards or earn points from friends and purchases in partner companies, you have the opportunity to spend your “money” wherever you want!

The wadata digital wallet gives you the option to buy products and services that you really love!

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