How to improve customer experience in my loyalty program?

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How to improve customer experience in my loyalty program?

Hello marketers!

You should keep in mind that monetary rewards are not the only drivers of customer loyalty programs. Customer experience provides more significant long-term benefits, and Loyalty programs are a great way to enhance your customer experience with your brand. 

In the digital eCommerce world, you don’t have the opportunity to make a personal connection with your customer like you would do in a traditional retail store. This is why creating a pleasant, simple, and enjoyable online customer experience is so important.

Although more and more companies now have loyalty programs (growing at 9% per year), the number of customers who actively participate in them is only 50%, proposing that there is still something missing in most programs. (source: McKinsey)

So why is customer loyalty experience essential?

Customer experience is all about the feeling that your customers are leaving happy. This is exactly when they will become your brand’s advocate.

So, how can a loyalty program enhance it for every shopper?

It’s essential to make a tremendous impact so your customers return. The old saying “first impressions matter” is actually in the case of your e-shop. 

74% of customers say experience influences their willingness to be loyal, and 59% (source: adobe) of customers will switch brands due to a poor experience. 

A pleasant customer experience can update your store, so keep that in mind as you think about your brand’s customer loyalty strategy.

We have gathered below how you can make your customer loyalty program top-notch.

1. Make your loyalty program visible.

Your customers should be able to find and join your loyalty program quickly. Enabling access to your program on every page through a launcher and panel makes your program visible to everyone visiting your e-shop.

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2. Make it easy to join your program.

The most crucial part of any loyalty program is having members. But if your customers can’t understand how to become a member of your program, then there’s no point in having one.

Having a clear branded CTA with copy like “Join Now” or “Join the Club” clarifies what you want your customers to do and how exactly they can do it.

3. Have a straightforward and easy as earning points redeeming experience

Any great rewards program makes it obvious how customers can get points. This is what triggers most customers to join your program. However the way that a customer can reward his points is important too. That is what can make customers come back again and again. 

Having a custom area where customers can log in to their accounts to see their current points balance is a good motivator but allowing your customers to use points for getting products or services is your magic potion. In this way you keep your customers satisfied providing a great variety of options to redeem their points while you minimize the liability of your loyalty program keeping your rewards program effective.

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4. Keep your loyalty experience on-brand

This is one is the most important thing to consider. Your customers expect consistency. This is why aligning your loyalty program’s design with your brand is so important.

To deliver a pleasant, consistent, on-brand experience to your customers, you need to follow basic steps.

First, name your loyalty program something that follows your brand name. You may want to call your points currency something that communicates your brand value. 

Finally, branded explanatory pages can create a positive association with your program and the rest of your website. 

You’ve worked hard to develop your brand, so why not ensure your customer loyalty experience matches it.

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