How can I increase my spending budget?


How can I increase my spending budget?

Typically, consumers spend more when they belong to a loyalty program. But consuming more doesn’t mean that you actually pay more money.

Loyalty members purchase more often and spend more than non-loyalty members. Interestingly, an average household is enrolled in approximately thirteen loyalty programs but active only in half of them. 

So how will you be able to spend more through your loyalty points?

This can be achieved when you are looking for loyalty rewards programs with the following elements.


A right away reward.

Many e-shops launch their Rewards programs with a signup special: a small gift just for signing up. On the one hand, this action gives you the glow of achievement, and it can accelerate your purchase frequency on the other hand. So you can go for this kind of loyalty program and get immediate gratification.


‘saving’ for a bigger, longer-term reward.

You need to search for bonus point systems with the offer of special compensation when you subscribe to a loyalty program. Your motivation in this way is ongoing to keep working and buying towards the next reward.



When vouchers and promotions are custom-made based on your interests and needs, you want to make more purchases as ‘they are calling’ for you. Your purchases, customer loyalty, and profitability are inevitably increased. Technological evolution and digitization have transformed rewards programs. The insights given from your user experience and engagement cycle can work for your benefit. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning offer intelligent insights to help retailers predict customers’ rewards program behavior and personalized customer experience.


Use vouchers without any doubt.

You don’t use coupons only when you’re broke. You need to get rid of this thought. Get into the usage of vouchers offered to save as much money as possible. Don’t shop for your groceries, and then search for coupons you can use. Instead, review the vouchers available and buy the items on sale in a given week. Try it just for once, and you will see the difference by yourself. Even if you’re only able to save five euros per day or week, this is money you would’ve spent.


Cashbacks and Discounts.

While making payments through the points of your loyalty program, or your digital wallet, like wadata, offers where you can actually convert your points to coins for other buys. This is the most exciting part. Discount offers and rewards, most of the time, go hand in hand. This is an added advantage for you; you have been rewarded for making the transactions through digital wallets. Hooray! Explore how you can stop paying with money for your coffee and save real money (link to app). It may is a small amount, though, but worth saving every penny you got. If you calculate on various other online shopping habits you have, you can save a much higher amount and spend it elsewhere you want.


The end of lost or stolen cards.

Think about it, or picture yourself waiting in line at the cashier in your favorite store — ready to pay — while realizing your wallet is nowhere within reach as you search through your bag. oops? Here comes the frightful realization — someone must have pinched your purse while you were on the bus. And that means everything inside it is now gone! If this is not the worst day ever, we don’t know what is. The last thing you’d want is to receive notifications on your phone informing you of some unknown transactions charged to your debit card. You can avoid such kinds of days. All you need is your phone, your preferred e-wallet app, and you’re done! With digital wallets and loyalty programs, you can shop in peace as you aren’t at risk of losing your card. Just use your phone to redeem your rewards.


Who doesn’t love discounts and saving hard-earned cash in general? So, remember to keep an eye on the notifications to see if your chosen program is offering discounts because you get to save while spending at the same time! Explore all the shops where you can pay with vouchers in wadata and start saving today.


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